Effects Of Foreign Language Essay

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How many of us have thought to learn English at the young age, instead of hanging out with the friends, going to cinema, playing a game…? Probably not many. When I was a child things that I thought were hanging out with my friends, playing basketball, having fun, but not learning English. As I can see now, being able to speak foreign language has taken huge place on our lives nowadays. Not only being able to speak the language but being fluent on it, understanding each other, being able to explain our feelings clearly and easily are also important. The only and easiest way to have these abilities is to learn it as soon as possible, at the grade school. As a student we have many things to do such as taking classes, doing homework, studying for each classes having exams… If we add them additional foreign language classes, It makes more classes more homeworks more exams, moreover reducing our free time! Some people could think that being required to take foreign language can adversely affect them .If they take foreign language throughout the school life while they are in trouble with any of the language skills, it would cause them decrease in their success for the other classes. For example one student has a French class besides his math, English and science classes. He is in trouble with speaking French. He must pass his French class because it is required. He begins to struggle with French instead of studying for other major classes. In this case spending more time with the French could cause him to fail or decrease on other classes. However if he improves his French and be fluent and good at it would enable him to get a better job or be in a good position on his career. Nowadays employers have become a nightmare to the employees or job seekers. They always want the best to hire. Today probably the first thing they seek is language.To get employers’ good book, every body should know at least one language after graduation. Think that you are an employer which student you would hire one that has one foreign language or one has two languages. If you are smart enough of course your answer would be the second person. How about a student that speaks two languages properly with many certificates or a person has mediocre two foreign languages. This time the gold medallion goes to first person. The more students have foreign languages and language skills the more they are able to get the job easily to make their languages highest level they should take foreign language throughout their school from the beginning.
Not only for the students but also employees having additional language is important for the employers. Many employers are fired just because not knowing foreign language or not being able to speak. I know a person who is director in his job around fifty years old who doesn’t know English, but his owner of the company wants him to learn English now. He must learn that otherwise he will be fired or go down from his position. But can you imagine that person who works, looks after his family and struggling to learn English. I can’t even imagine that fifty years old man by reading level1 “Pollyanna” book. Is not that ridicules and also sad. He spent his entire life to get that position and somebody comes and says “learn English other wise you will loose!” It sounds really tragic but unavoidable. Having foreign language became crucial for almost everybody lately. Not to be in trouble also not to be laughed at, we should learn it at the appropriate time.
Because old people have limited sources to learn English, young people have many materials and easily accessible sources. It does not seem weird reading Pollyanna book or playing some language improvement games for children. As I remember I was playing an English game at the