Effects of Marijuana and Alcohol Essays

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Effects of Drugs and Alcohol Unfinished by Kohl Watson

Drugs and Alcohol have major effects on people. By going to the Alcoholics Anonyms, interviewing a police officer, and researching for myself I have a better understanding of why I shouldn’t be involved with smoking weed illegally and in the future why I shouldn’t start drinking.
In a lot of cases all drugs and alcohol dose is cause pain, trouble for everyone, and create life threatening problems.

According to data from the 2000 National Household Surveys on Drug Abuse (NHSDA), 14 million Americans smoke pot currently. Marijuana is seen as both a serious problem that needs to be resolved by making it illegal and as a way for people to have fun. People tend to smoke weed because they wish to feel relaxed, become happier, and many other things. In a medical study, marijuana was found to contribute to the positive treatment of many illnesses such as; Tourette-Syndrome, Appetite loss, weight loss, body pains, hepatitis C, improving the well being of cancer patients, and many more. These beneficial factors of marijuana is a major reason people choose to support legalizing and smoking this drug. Although it is very helpful in medical treatments there is a large negative view on this marijuana too. Some people believe that its only negative effects are that you become, forgetful, lazy, and having a huge appetite but their are much worse things that smoking can lead too.

People who tend to get involved in marijuana may become dependent on it which leads to them doing whatever they have to do in order to get the drug. These people who feel like the drug is the most important thing to them, may steal money from family and friends, become involved in criminal activity, there are many bad health aspects of smoking marijuana, and it can also be a gateway drug. When you start taking money from the people who care about you most, you lose their respect and trust that you may never gain back. If you are