Effects Of Seasonal Animal Deaths

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Seasonal Animal Deaths

Animals dying are a very important matter when it comes to pollution and

hunting. Killing animals is wrong and we should do something about it. This page is

about the causes of animal deaths. Lots of animals are dying from pollution. All types of

environmental pollution have an impact on animals health. Even smaller levels of

pollution create discomfort for many animals while bigger levels of pollution lead to

diseases and deaths. Air pollution is particularly dangerous to animals when it is formed

into acid rain. Acid rain kills fish in lakes, rivers, and streams by increasing the acidity of

the water. Water pollution is very hazardous also. When water is polluted with different

chemicals, it can cause a drop of population in some species (such as the frog). When

water is polluted with nutrients, it can lead to a huge growth of toxic algae, which when

eaten by other animals, may cause diseases and death. Did you know that Bald Eagles,

Peregrine Falcons, and Brown Pelicans became extinct due to synthetic chemical. This

devastated the reproductive failure in these species. Littering is hazardous to animals

because of the toxic substances in the trash\garbage. That's why there are signs saying

"No Littering." As a matter of fact, plenty of animals die due to being hunted by humans

also. Animals also eat other animals. They do this as a way ofsurvival. Animals have no