Effects Of Teenage Driving

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The issue of drinking and driving in terms of teen driving are; it can cause legal issuse,a pain for both the teen and parent for the economical cost,causes negative long term outcomes,and it can be a cause of vehicular homocide and injuries. Also that teens are taking up the courage to brave not only one la but wo at the same time: driving while under the infuence and underaged drinking. A FATAL CRASH IS THE MOST FUNDAMENTAL PROBLEM WITH TEENS DRIBVING UNDER THE INFLUENCE. "THE CDC REPORTS THAT 1 OUT 5 TEENS WHO WER IN A FATAL CRASH HAD ALOCHOL IN THEIR SYSTEM". ALSO TO CONCIDER THE ECONOMCAL COST INT THE EVENT OF A TEEN GETTING IN TO A CRASH WHILE DRIVING UNDER THE INFLLUECNE OF ALCOHOL. WHILE DRIVING DRUNK CAN ALSO LEAD TO FINES, A RE IN CAR NSURANCE RATES, CRIMINAL CHARGES FOR UNDERAGE DRINKING AND THE POSSESION OF ALCOHOL, AND A DUI. ANOTHER THING IS DINKING ALCOHOL AT A YOUNG AGE NOT ONLY AFFECTS THE PEOPLE AROUND THEM BUT THEMSELVES EVEN WORSE BY; HAVING A NEGATIVE IMPACT ON THE GROWTH PROCESS, A DISRUPTION TO THE NORMAL BRAIN DEVELOPMENT, AND CAN LEAD TO THE DEATH OF BRAIN CELLS. [http://everydaylife.globalpost.com/drunk-driving-problem-teens-7615.html] Some groups that are addressing the problem are The MADD (Mothers Aginst Drunk Driving ) and the SADD(Students Aginst Drunk Driving). Some activitys that the groups are working on to solve the problem are by taking in donations to help the victums familys of people who have been killed by drunk drivers and asking