Effects of Television Essay

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Effects of Television

"If everyone demanded peace instead of another television set, then there would be peace." Television affects people every day whether it is positive or negative. Since television has been around for at least eighty years, many people have been influenced negatively from the various television shows. Whether or not the show is "SpongeBob Squarepants" or "Crime Scene Investigation (CSI)", there are always negative advices coming from every television program. And most of viewers are people of youth. The three most negative effect of television on young people are: Violence, advertising, and humor. The first negative effect is violence. Many programs on television glorify violence, such as the movie, "Expendables" and the popular television series, "CSI". Not only do they show violence, but those programs show how to commit a murder and get away with it or how to use weapons. Even though they do not show how to commit a murder directly, many people might get ideas from these shows. Fighting is another type of violence and it is shown on mostly any television show; even in sporting events and on movies. Also, some documentaries are violent in many different ways, such as animals fighting each other, or war documentaries. Violence is a serious negative effect that is taken over some youth. The second negative effect is advertising. Many commercials have youth thinking that fast food such as McDonalds or Burger King are healthy and delicious. They also make the food look tempting, but in reality, these fast food chains cause diabetes and obesity to many people. Alcohol is also advertised to seem like they are fun and divine. Also, most people who advertise these drinks are always good looking and slender. Many advertisements promote false fantasies such as the deodorant "AXE". AXE commercials say the scent of the body spray or deodorant will attract gorgeous women to lonely men in seconds, but in reality if someone puts too much on,