Effects Of The Columbian Exchange

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The Columbian Exchange was the interchange of ideas and trading goods by sea between the New and the Old worlds or the American and European cultures. The Columbian Exchange brought about a new way of life for the Europeans and the Native Americans and it impacted their life greatly. With the joining of these two different worlds many different aspects of life were affected. It affected many things like agriculture, the health of the people from diseases, livestock, education and advancement in technology. The Columbian Exchange lasted from the year 1450 all the way until 1750. When the Europeans arrived to America, the Native Americans were impacted severely. The Europeans brought diseases over including smallpox, measles, chickenpox, and typhus. Many Native Indians died as a result and infection was the main source of death. Also the Europeans did not understand the Native American’s ways of keeping land available for food supply and the Europeans damaged the land and with it the their supply of food which caused food shortages and death. The effects of warfare and slavery also affected the Native Indians. It is predicted that millions or more than 50% of Native Americans were killed as a result of the Europeans coming to America.
In the New World Spain was the dominant colonial
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The Native Americans did not have a written formal language and so the Europeans taught them how to read and write European language. Advancement in weapons also came about when the Native Americans started using guns from the Europeans to hunt large animals. Also new farming equipment including the plow was used to plow large areas of land creating an abundant amount of plants for the Europeans and the Native Americans. The Europeans started to build homes, farms, ports, and ships in the New World. These agricultural buildings lead to the first native towns and government buildings for the New