Effects of Twitter Essay

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The Effects of Twitter Twitter is an online social networking and microblogging service that allows users to send and read "tweets". A tweet is a short message no more than 140 characters that usually describes what the user is doing. While there are many people who believe Twitter is a good way to interact with the world, there are many issues associated with it, such as cyber-bullying and violence, non-reliable information, and teens being less active and always glued to their phones. Over 60% of all bullying is now over social media and twitter is found guilty with it. This is because clicking a few buttons is a lot easier than saying something to a person’s face. “Twitter is turning into a cyberbullying playground…researchers find that over 15,000 bully tweets are sent every day (Karol).” Teens don’t understand that just because it’s typed and on the internet it doesn’t mean the words they say aren’t as bad or effective. In recent studies 40% of teens have a twitter account and most use their smartphones to log in. This means that millions of teens are constantly checking their phones and not being active. “Twitter is causing teens and kids to have less face-to-face conversations because instead of talking face-to-face they are using twitter to communicate (Karol).” Twitter is causing a decreasing rate of physical activity in teens because they’re always glued to their phones constantly checking it. The main purpose of twitter is to communicate with others and share information. Some users and news accounts will share information but it’s not all reliable. “Twitter can steer off course…very loud noise had been heard in France…many hypothesis were tweeted; it was an explosion, a fire, or maybe a nuclear problem…in the next days newspaper…the loud sound was from an airplane that had crossed the sound barrier over the city (Richard).” This incident occurred last May in France and confused and frightened many citizens that night. News is spread quickly across this social networking and if its invalid especially about a serious event it can cause worse damage. There may be many