Essay about Effects of Industrialization and Imperialism

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Effects of Industrialization and Imperialism

Unit 6: Imperialism

World History Honors / Block #6

Due: April 16, 2013

Therefore, one must understand how throughout the times of Imperialism, and Industrial Revolution, aspects such as working conditions, population expansion and colonial enhancement prove why advancements were beneficial to the modern world in the long run. The Industrial Revolution marked a time in history when advancements in technology proceeded to transform the industries and lifestyle of Europeans. Between the steam engine for factories, to the telegraph for communication, the people of the time benefitted from the new progress in society. Factories began producing
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Although this may mean colonization of other regions, it is in the best interest of dominating countries to do what is best for their people. As successful countries grow, and more people grow into the region, it allows for an increased chance of the newborn to be raised in an exceptional environment, affecting future generations of people based on wealth and lifestyle. This is why territorial and population expansion is a good concept – Rhodes believes that nationalism for one’s country leads to imperialism. A nation that takes pride in itself will want to expand to spread the “best lifestyle” to other places, while creating humans that wouldn’t have originally been born. This thought affected the modern world today by allowing countries to be more independent. When a country is nationalist, the people tend to think for themselves, which lets other countries such as Africa fly solo with their own beliefs, without getting involved. This is seen when European possession of Africa is compared before and after WWII. Here, Europe being nationalist actually benefitted Africa because more of their lands no longer had to be shared, and Africans could develop their own, individual beliefs instead of other nations having a strong influence on this. Another aspect of imperialism was colonial enhancement. By this, it is meant that regions of the colonized actually benefitted, if anything, from having a country superior to them. Sheres of Influence in China proves that China was