Effects of Inner-City Poverty on Youth Essay

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February 16, 2013 The Effects of Growing Up In Urban High-Poverty Areas on Youth With the rising poverty levels in today’s society, the amount of youth that has been affected by poverty has increased substantially, rising more than fifty percent in the last twenty years. Studies show that there are at least nine million kids living in high-poverty areas of the United States. Children raised in poverty have no choice, but are forced to view the American dream in a very grim manner. For children and young kids growing up in high poverty areas drugs, violence, and hunger are usually viewed on an everyday basis and become their only reality. Numerous aspects of poverty all come together to lead to a change in prospect and a difference in …show more content…
This also gases poverty continuing the cycle of cumulative poverty and the hopelessness it seems to inflict on those involved and raised in areas where this is prevalent. The effects of growing up in inner-city poverty are very negative. Not only does it affect them socially, it also affects them physically literally changing their brains to make them become more violent. The youth in these areas have drastically less chances of succeeding in life. Realistically it seems clear that there are no positive effects that come from growing up in these areas and yet there prevalence continues to increase markedly every year. With poverty stimulating poverty it seems as though this trend will continue to do nothing but surge and it seems all we can do is pray and do our best to help the youth who face this uninviting truth. It is a cycle feeding itself with all aspects leading to the consistent rise of below average income communities. It does not seem without further budgeting or intervention via government programs and increases in school funding and job opportunity that it is a cycle which has the chance of ever breaking itself.

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