Efforts to improve the corn embryo spiral Essay

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Corn germ oil, corn oil) preparing method with corn oil refining production line of two kinds of squeezing method and leaching method.At present, the domestic production of corn oil mainly squeezing method, palm oil refinery plantalso have a a leaching and squeeze.Squeezing method has the advantage of simple equipment, easy operation, but the yield efficiency is relatively low leaching method.Improve maize embryo factors such as temperature, moisture and powder, but what measures to take, here are forrest small make up to you in detail:
(1) the corn husk collocation, dredge oil Screw press in the use of 100 type, 150 type and 180 type hydraulic press machine, due to some corn oil refining production workshop conditions, process does not form a complete set, lack of steaming and frying equipment, or a steaming and frying equipment, because of improper operation, involved corn germ in moisture content on the high side, "flowers" phenomenon occurring in a squeeze, influence squeezing effect, influence the yield efficiency, in order to avoid this kind of phenomenon, can be mixed with 20% ~ 25% of the corn husk, have better effect.Because of blending corn husk has helped increase the effect of internal pressure and dredge oil (operation of good, also can put the corn husk medium oil extract), other conditions being the same, is not mixed with corn husk have to improve the yield efficiency.Especially the consumption of type 100 or 100 type screw press a press, have obvious effect.Such as corn germ is around 80% purity, the rest of the ingredients are all corn husk, don't have to do the adding.By adding the corn husk must be pure, containing the embryo can, should not contain corn flour and slag.
(2) the broken heat squeezing method In cannot be softened in the process of rolling billet, can use first 100 type screw press preloading time, pressure is not big, only have broken effect, achieve the goal of preliminary broken corn embryo skin and cells.Slightly see with the naked eye observation, corn germ surface oil, and then heating it steaming and frying, noisy to brownish red, temperature of 100 ° C, reload crib from 100 type hydraulic press, have better effect.This method is suitable for pressing type hydraulic oil press in 180.
Practice has proved that using this method, Steam pipecompared with the direct fired into the press with improving the yield efficiency can be equivalent to soften after rolling billet, the Fried steamed into the machine.According to some corn oil refining production line test, if the corn germ purity at 80% (the rest for corn husk), using less broken broken evaporate and squeezing evaporate and squeezing, every 50 kg corn germ oil 2 ~ 3 kg more.
(3) after soaking, after pressing, the recovery of residual oil Pure corn germ oil, with wet basis in 22% ~ 22%, some as high as 40% above.In the present processing technology, the extraction of corn germ is not pure, often mixed with corn husk, coleorhiza and endosperm (some endosperm on skin and embryo), and influenced by