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Part A: Research
Alternative Therapies available in Australia:
Alexander technique
Herbal medicine
EFT -Tapping

Nature of therapy – Energy Psychology-new field. Non-invasive

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is an alternative complementary therapy that is based on energy meridians used in traditional acupuncture, aiming to restore the balance of the internal bio-energy system, and thus solving a myriad of health problems. It was developed by Gary Craig in the 1990s, and involves tapping specific points on your head and chest with your fingertips while voicing a particular problem. This gradually removes emotional blockages, such as post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety and depression. EFT also works to decrease physical pain, which is sometimes the physical manifestation of poor emotional health. Complementary and alternative health services are a growing industry, providing often wholistic benefits that conventional Western medicine cannot provide to the same extent. However, there is an array of issues that needs to be considered before considering a therapy, including costs, benefits and success rates.
As a recently evolved therapy, there is only one main strand of EFT called Tapping. It is based off the idea that the ancient fight-or-flight response is still present in stressful situations today, however with a reduced amount of physical stress. For the majority of people, these responses are instead triggered by negative emotions or memories. Tapping halts the fight or flight response, and instead re-trains the amygdala in the midbrain, where the response begins, to react differently when faced with stress. This is achieved by tapping on particular parts of the head and chest, activating traditional Chinese Meridian points, which de-activates the response set off by the amygdala, instead sending a calming message to the body. The amygdala is part of the limbic system, which holds emotions and long term memories, including negative experiences. Thus, by de-activating the amygdala’s response, negative emotions in the body can be freed, removing unnecessary stress from the body.
There is a formulated process to tapping that can either be done at home individually, or by a qualified practitioner. The method beings by deciding on a certain issue that is bothering an individual, and rating it from one to ten, ten being the greatest pain. This becomes the reminder phrase, such as “dread of public speaking”. Issues can range from physical pain such as a headache, to decreased athletic performance, and addictions. Often, tapping is done on separate aspects of a problem, such as focusing only on a negative event, or only on destructive thought patterns or emotions resulting from the event. Then, the phrase “even though I have this (insert reminder phrase) , I deeply and completely love and accept myself” is repeated while tapping on eight meridian points on the head and chest, in a particular order. Once two rounds of tapping has been completed, the individual then rates the problem again, and will most frequently have moved down the scale. If not, re-wording the problem or making it more specific, will produce better results in the next round of tapping.
The effectiveness of EFT Tapping is unmistakeable, with over 140 studies and clinical trials assessing how successful it is in achieving positive physical and mental health outcomes. These studies also show credibility of Tapping, allowing many people to have greater peace of mind, and more likely to participate. Studies include analysing positive effects on those suffering from PTSD, anxiety, improving athletic and academic success, depression, and measuring success for those with cravings, addictions and weight loss. Studies were of high validity and reliability, going over an extended period of time and with people from different categories, for example aged,