Egeus And Hermia In 'A Midsummer Night's Dream'

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Pages: 2

Egeus doesn't want hermia to marry lysander but it goes the opposite way from what he wants to happen because he has too much control. Egeus has too much control over Hermia. He showed off his control by telling hermia that she had 3 options to marry demetrius or become a nun or be killed. Hermia ended up with Lysander anyway. “Since she is mine I can do what i want with her ” pg5. Egeus has to much control over evry one expressly his daughter. He has control over demetrius because he told him he is going to marry hermia. He has control over theseus when he told he had to do something about hermia not doing what she told her to do. Body 2
Theseus has control over the people. He says Lysander can’t marry Hermia but ends up having to change