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March 4, 2015
Lena Eggers
Interpersonal Communication

Social Penetration For this assignment I am going to analyze the relationship I am currently in, and show how it has followed the theory of Social Penetration also known as the onion theory. The social penetration theory is actually a five part progression that starts with an orientation phase. In this phase there is generally small talk, and dialog socially appropriate, and very basic. Next, is the phase called the exploratory affective phase where we start to reveal a little more, we express our opinions about general subjects such as movies, music, art, or sports as casual friends. The third phase is the affective, we talk about private matters, share private information and opinions, a trust is being built, and some touching and maybe some kissing. Arguments can happen in this phase as well. The next step is the stable phase is where the relationship becomes comfortable, and is said to plateau, it is in this stage that the persons in the relationship can predict the others emotional reactions. Finally there is the depenetration phase, where there is a break down and personal information may not be being exchanged, it is the end of a relationship, usually because the benefits of the relationship no longer is outweigh the burden of it. It the theory itself, it is compared to peeling away the layers of an onion one by one, gradually getting to know the person bit by bot. I met the man that I am now with at a mutual friend’s home, he was very polite, handsome, and presented himself as a very intelligent man. The first couple times our conversations consisted of small talk, the friend we had in common, the weather, and his job.(Orientation phase). We were talking every day, soon were talking about our families, what we believed about God, past relationships, and how we thought a relationship should progress, what we