Egghead: Abuse and Shane Essay

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Will Reid is in grade nine. He was a different kid, Will would like to play with bugs and was a nerd. he would get made fun of by Shane , Brad and Devan. They where the bully's in there grade.

Devan is in grade nine and liked a girl named Katie that was in his class. He was a good looking kid. His problem was that his friends from his elementary school(Shane and Brad) where mean to Katie's best guy friend will. Shane, Brad and Devan would bully Will but Devan wanted Katie to like him so he stopped bullying and tried to get the girl.

Katie is a grade nine girl that was kind and gentile. she stuck up for will and she got made fun of it a little for it. She new Devan a little but thought he was weird and mean. Katie has been in wills class since kindergarten.

Shane is a mean grade nine. He liked to pick on Will and who ever got in his way. His family has some issues that make him mad and mean.

Brad Is also in grade nine.He is a kid that follows Shane and copy's what ever he does. He is also a bully and try's to make peoples lives miserable at school.

School: The school is where it all starts. At school is where most of the bullying happens because that is where they are most of the time. Dance: At the dance Devan tried to ask Katie out but it didn't work because he was to scared. Also Katie humiliated Will because the spotlight went on them and asked them why they loved each other but Katie said she didn't love Will.

Ski Hill: For a school trip they went skiing. At the top of a hill Katie was with will And all of a sudden Shane Brad, And Devin came and dared will to go down a really difficult ski hill. So Will did and really hurt himself. he was shipped to the Hospital.

Hospital: The hospital is where Will stayed because of the accident. Katie went to see him every day to see if he needed anything. Near the end Katie and Devin see each other at the hospital and they are there for the same reason and that is to see Will.

SUMMARYWill Reid is a gawky kid, wears fake turtle necks, Loves bugs, and gets made fun of allot. Will Reid is the perfect kid to get made fun of by Shane, Brad, and Devan. The three of them are the grade nine bully's. Katie is a grade nine girl that has been wills friend since kindergarten. In high school now Katie has become Wills body grade. In other words she has to defend him now. Katie hates that people spread rumours that will and Katie are boyfriend and girlfriend. She is only his friend. Devon has been apart of the bully group for a wile and is now dropping out because he wants Katie to like him. Katie thinks as him as weird and mean and that is what Devon is trying to change. in gym class one day Will was going into the change room to change from his gym clothes to regular clothes but once will dropped his pants he got made fun of because of his little kid underwear. Shane took his clothes and brought them outside so Will chased him forgetting that he was in his under wear unaware of what is going to happening. will chased him and then lost site still able to see the change room door all of a sudden he See's Shane run in the change room so Will bullets to the change room. He try s to open the door but it is locked. Then Will sprints to his locker hoping no one will see. When he arrives he is shaking so much that he cant even hold his lock straight. Then Will's and Katie's eyes meet. When They got settled in his office the principle asked will who did it but Will wouldn't tell. Then Wills dad arrived with new clothes. It ended up that Shane got caught. Then there class went on a trip to a ski hill. On the way up the mountain Will was sitting with Katie. When they arrived at the top Shane, Brad, and Devan meet them there daring will to go down a really difficult hill. Next thing you now Will is on his way struggling to stand then thump. Next thing you know there are emergency workers everywhere rushing him to the hospital. It turned out that Will was in a coma. After