Eggshell Membrane Reduces Joint Pain Essay

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Eggshell Membrane Reduces Joint Pain
John M BERaRdi, Phd, CSCS

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Some of these yet undetected elements may contribute to benefits or improvements seen in joint health. To date, very few studies have investigated the effects of EM supplementation on joint pain and range of motion. In rats, 4 weeks of EM treatment led to significant reductions in many proinflammatory cytokines (measured in plasma), notably including TNF-α and IL-1 [23]. Two recent clinical reports [24, 25] investigated the timing and effectiveness of EM supplementation in JCT and osteoarthritis patients experiencing severe pain and limited range of motion. These patients received daily 500mg doses of oral EM for four to eight weeks. Rapid (seven to ten days) and continuous effects were seen in terms of reduced pain and stiffness, as well as improved flexibility. In both investigations, there were no reports of adverse effects with supplementation. In the present study, we set out to observe the effects of EM (fast joint care+; FJC+) supplementation on joint pain within a physically active adult population experiencing chronic joint pain in one of four joints (ankle, knee, shoulder or elbow). As many adults use exercise to manage joint and connective tissue disorders, this population would likely see great benefit from adjunct therapies designed to