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Music has always been a strong influence within my life, growing up within a very musically talented family. The question of what drives the passion has always intrigued me. Whether it is money, success, performance, or pure love for the art. I have no doubt that music when composed correctly can have a larger impact on all those who listen. Due to this particular interest of mine I intend to write a literary journalistic piece upon the demand for original live playing bands in Perth. I will have particular interest in the creation and influences upon the writing. I am interested in the influences of the writer, the band as a whole and the audience’s expectations of the music. This will require a good knowledge about the band, what influences them, music style and themes they wish to convey within there performing. The specific thoughts and ideas that help create lyrics can often be reciprocated best when the audience can relate, and engage as listeners. Being that songs are often an individual process I intend to observe how a song adapts and changes to suit the band and meet the audiences expectations and understandings.

Through this piece I plan to witness the influences that help create new original songs and the collaboration within the band and performing to an audience. I expect to discover what characteristics create a popular song within the specific genre of blues/rock. The band Waiting 4 Andy have been playing together for nearly two years, with recent addition keyboard player, songwriter and vocalist Kelly Bavich. The addition of a new band member allows for the refreshment of sound and another person willing to share their experiences and writings. The band now has more songs developing due to this added talent. I wish to greater explore what it takes to be an active member of a band, and what drives the desire to perform. I want to understand how all the influences of several people change and develop the music.

I intend to interview members from the band Waiting 4 Andy. The blues/rock band will all need to be interviewed as a whole to allow my readers insight into the people within the band. An informal interview of some of the audience members will hopefully be helpful in gauging there response to the music and if the new songs met there expectations of the band.

I intend on focusing upon the influences of all band members and what they believe will influence the audiences when creating a new song. As I immerse myself within the writing process, I intend to uncover the motives and thoughts influencing the lyrics from the songwriter. As the writing process can start with either the composure of the music or the lyrics, I intend to be immersed throughout that stage as well as the writers first finale product’s The focus will then shift to how the band responds to this work and what actions take place as a result from any issues found. The influence of the audience will be a major factor, as they will have expectations of the band I want to see how all these issues affect the decisions to edit the original to the final copy.
The first initial issue I think I will encounter is being present throughout writing process, as this cannot be scheduled into a specific time and place. I intend to overcome this issue by being present for as much of the starting point as possible, or discussing the thoughts and brainstorming. The second issue I feel I could encounter is the whole band being comfortable with me being so intrusive since writing and the creative process can be very personal. I will try to be as invisible as possible and maintain my position as only an