Egypt vs. Mesopotamia Essay

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Ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia are two very important cultures that shaped how we view life and what we do today. Ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia have many similarities like their social class, they both had their own form of writing, and they both had very complex religions. Their social classes consisted of about 4 different types of people. Their writing was either Cuneiform or Hieroglyphics. They both had gods that they worshiped or hated. Both Egypt and Mesopotamia had differences but they are outweighed by the similarities. Egyptians and Mesopotamians have a lot of the same social classes. The both have the ruling class which is made of priests ore gods. The priests would talk to the gods and then tell the people what they needed to do to make the gods happy so that they wouldn't get punished. Then they had the merchants and the scribes that did a lot of work that you had experience in. They built a lot of things that were used by the people of the empire. Then there was the peasants or the farmers that did all of the dirty work for almost nothing. Most of the farmers were slaves and ended up working for free because they had to pay off a debt that they owed to someone or they were prisoners. We know about all of these because they kept record of it by writing it all down Both Egyptians and Mesopotamians have their own form of writing that are extremely old. One is Hieroglyphics and the other is Cuneiform. Hieroglyphics were only the Egyptians and only the Egyptians could read them. Hieroglyphs were drawn out as an image that told you something. The Mesopotamians made Cuneiform. This was the first form of writing ever discovered. They used a wedge to write something on clay tablets. Both Hieroglyphics and Cuneiform are two of the oldest forms of writing that have been discovered. We have found a lot of information in both ways of writing