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Compare Chaucer’s description of the knight and the Wife Of Bath in their general prologue portraits

In this essay I am going to show how Chaucer differs in the contrast between the worthy knight and the Wife Of Bath. I am also going to show the difference in the dress, the status and the profession of the knight and the Wife Of Bath.

The Wife Of Bath obviously dressed quite well. “I dorste swere they weyeden ten pound” this shows that she was quite rich and she dressed as if she was a very important person however on the other hand the knight dressed quite simply. “Of fustian he wered a gypon”. The knight, unlike the Wife Of Bath wore only a simple tunic. This implies that the knight is a worthy and down-to-earth man and is also not very wealthy.

“ At many a noble armee hadde he be”. This shows that the knights profession is obviously in fighting. It then carries on to say that he is a worthy knight and he has fought in many wars, this implies that he is very brave unlike the Wife Of Bath who is very wealthy and tours the world on her horse looking for men. It seems to me that the Wife Of Bath is quite ugly but because of her wealth, the men fall for her.

As I was saying that the Wife Of Bath has never really found true love, in the text it quoted that “housebounds at chirche dore she hadde five”. She has been married five timed and then been divorced. This could be because she is arrogant and bossy, another reason could be is that because she is partially…