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Ancient Egyptian Religion

The Ancient Religion of Egypt is a polytheistic religion that focuses on living by the will of the Gods making sacrifice and worship to them. The religion was said to be started in the Early Dynasty period around 3000 BC. The religion was birthed in Egypt and has never spanned to other nations. For one to join the religion they must attend a council to prove their worthiness to be in the religion. This was for people in the middle class to be brought up by family into the religion but people lower than them were usually slaves and were forced to worship shrines of the Gods. The order of leadership within the religion was through the Pharaoh or king who was essentially half god half human according the religion and could speak to the gods.

Life for the Egyptians was simple one would work, worship die and go on into the after life. The Egyptians believed they were brought to the world by the Gods and must serve them in thanks giving worship to them, Pharos were also worshiped along with the gods. Ones after life would be dictated on how they lived their life wether they were loyal to the Gods and Pharaoh or committing crimes would they have riches in the after life or be condemned to hell. The pharaoh once he died would be buried with riches beyond one’s imagination so he could take it on into the after life to live with the Gods.

The Egyptians believed that there was an afterlife and that the after life’s outcome was dictated by how they lived their lives, life of good deed s would lead to afterlife of goods and riches. The main beliefs come from the stories and writings that talk about the