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1. [title slide 34] What is it, who built it and why. I would like you guys to keep these questions in the back of your head while we go through this presentation.
So how many of you guys have seen a picture or heard of the sphinx? – ok good most of you

2. [title slide 34] Keeper of the ancient mystery, Guardian of the ancient secrets… I present to you the Largest and Greatest statue on Earth.

[Slide 35] The sphinx.

3. [slide 36] To some it gave power and to others it board terror, to all of us it remains a mystery.

4. [slide 37] On the outermost boundary in the Sahara desert the sphinx and surrounding pyramids rest in the aged Giza Plateau.
5. [slide 38] -Describe location and pyramids; great pyramid is khufu, khafre behind sphinx-
6. [slide 39] The body of a lion with the head of a king or god, the sphinx has come to symbolize strength and wisdom.
7. [slide 40] Most recently in 1905, the sand has been cleared away to expose the magnitude and beauty of the entirety of the Sphinx.
8. [slide 41] This statue was carved in one piece of limestone bedrock; it rests on its own closure.
9. [slide 41] It faces east to catch the rays of the rising sun.
10. [slide 42] From the north side the profile of the Sphinx reveals the proportion of the body to the head. It would appear as though the head is small in proportion to the body. The paws themselves are 50 feet long (15m) while the entire length is about 200 ft. The head is 30 feet long and 14 feet wide. ( picture in your head a 8 story building)
11. [slide 42] What’s interesting about the Sphinx is that it has no scriptures or stories on who created or made it which is weird because usually the pharaohs, royalties and famous people who created statues always had a story behind their madness or to honor their actions. Because of this there are so many conspiracies and theories to best explain how it