Hot Work Control And Safe Work Practices At Oil And Gas Production Wells

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Choose one of the following options for this assignment. The Case Study should be thoroughly discussed in a minimum two-page paper based upon your readings. Any outside sources used to support your statements should be appropriately cited using APA style writing.
Assignment Option 1: Research a Case Study of your choosing as it relates to OSHA and Health Management and Engineering within this unit or to your professional career field. Summarize the Case Study, outline and describe the author’s main points, and provide your own critical analysis of the study. Include any questions or facts that you believe should have been addressed within the Case Study. Tie the Case Study to three objectives for this unit.
A good source of available Case Studies is the U.S. Chemical Safety Board (CSB) website: Click on the “Investigations” tab to view current and completed investigations.
Assignment Option 2: Read the Case Study titled “Hot Work Control and Safe Work Practices at Oil and Gas Production Wells” (Report No. 2006-07-I-MS). The Case Study can be found at the U.S. Chemical Safety Board website: Click on the “Investigations” tab, and then click on “Completed Investigations.” Search for “Partridge Raleigh Oilfield Explosion and Fire.” Open the Case Study under the “Documents” heading.
Once you finish reading the Case Study, answer the following questions based upon your readings Hazards and Their Control, Job Hazard Analysis, and