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Albert Einstein


Olof Eriksson 10-23-2012
Finite Math 122 HW#16
Wilmington College

Albert Einstein is one of the most talked about scientist in history. His contributions to the field is tremendous and he is considered by many the father of modern physics. Not only was he a brilliant man in science, but also a great mind when it comes to inspiration. There are numerous rumors about Albert Einstein, one is that he struggled with mathematics in school, a rumor that seems to be incorrect due to his excellent grades and the fact that he taught both mathematics and physic. Albert was born in Germany in a non-religious Jewish family, however, in 1896 he resigned his German citizenship and moved to Milano to not have to do military duty. After 5 years he became a citizen of Switzerland. In 1903 Albert got married and had one daughter and two sons with his wife. He worked as a professor at numerous universities in Europe but when the power of the Nazis and Adolf Hitler was rising, Albert moved to America and got an American citizenship in 1933, where he worked as a professor in Princeton, NJ. Albert is known for four big discoveries but his discovery of how to gain energy to from mass by splitting the core of atoms, (E=mc2), is the one he is most famous for. Before he made this discovery he also proved the existence of molecules and atoms. He also explained the photoelectric effect which in 1921 he was awarded with the Nobel Prize in physics for. The fourth big discovery Albert made was the theory of common relativity. An interesting consequence of that was the discovery of how light was affected by gravity. This could be proven during a solar eclipse in 1919 when the stars surrounding the sun, visible during the eclipse, changed their position. Albert was also involved in politics, and worked during the first war for a quick peace without any territorial changes. The goal for this group was to create an international organization that would work for peace. He distanced himself from nationalism in Germany since they said that Jews and Arabs should live together in peace in the same country. In April 1955 Albert Einstein died, refusing a surgery that could have saved his life and saying "I want to go when I want. It is tasteless to prolong life artificially. I have done my share, it is time to go. I will do it elegantly.”
Leaving the world with these words, not fearing death maybe it was his logical and unclouded mind that made him decide not to get surgery.

In the later years of his life Albert had a famous saying “It's sad to live in a world where it's easier to split the core of an atom, than it is to crack the prejudices of society”. I have been amazed by many of the people we learned about, however, Albert Einstein is astonishing. One question that comes to mind is; is there something he did not do besides sports? He was active in politics, a family man, and a pioneer in science. How does a man find the time to