Biography Of A Famous Person

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Biography of a Famous Person

Einstein was born in Ulm, Germany on March 14th, 1879. His father was a featherbed salesman. When Einstein was five years old his father game him a pocket compass. He was fascinated by the thought that something unseen was moving the needle. In 1894, his family was struggling financially so they moved to Italy in search of better work. Fifteen year old Albert stayed behind to finish school but was soon quit and followed his parents to Italy. In 1896, Albert graduated from high school and began attending ETH, a Swiss Polytechnic University in Zurich. Later that year he renounced his German Citizenship to avoid the draft into the German army. In 1902, Albert has his first daughter but puts it up for adoption because he was unmarried and unable to care for it. In 1903, Einstein married Mileve Maric. In 1904, Albert and Mileve have their first son, Hans Albert. In 1905, Einstein completed his paper on quantum theory. In 1906, Einstein received his doctorate from the University of Zurich. In 1910, Einstein’s second son is born. In 1914, Albert and Mileve separate and she returns to Zurich with their sons. In 1915, Einstein completed his General Theory of Relativity. In 1919, Einstein divorces his wife and immediately remarries his cousin, Elsa Lowenthai. Later that year, a solar eclipse proves his Theory of Relativity. In 1921, Einstein wins the Nobel Prize in physics for his work on the photoelectric effect. In 1933, Einstein