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İlhan Ekin

Group 1

How can alternative sources of energy harnessed effectively?

Your response to the task

Using bio-friendly energy resources provide substantial benefits for our world. Nowadays it has been debated in newspapers and academic researches that renewable energy has provided lots of benefits to human race. Governments have to provide safety conditions to alternative plants by long-term investments and improve their techniques ; however, countries' economies can be effected negatively since its materials are very expensive.
One of the primary resources how can alternative sources of energy harnessed effectively is about their conditions. Governments have to pay attention to their geographical location. It is very important to establish windmills in true location. In addition to that, governments have to provide funding for alternative sources. It is very important to control their systems because renewable energy plants can be very dangerous for environment if they are used wrong. Thus governments have to consider human welfare and health by long-term investments.
On the other hand, establishing a new renewable sources can be very difficult for governments sometimes. Since their costs are very high, it will effect countries' economies negatively. To cope with this problem, taxation is very good implementation for countries. Citizens can pay appropriate taxes to supply their economies. On the other hand renewable energy plants are getting cheaper through technological change or through the benefits of mass production and market competition. Hydro-electricity and geothermal electricity produced at favorable sites are getting cheaper Since some developed countries are started to establish more bio-friendly plants. According to bbc results, the UK Government wants to reduce its carbon dioxide emissions. It also wants to increase the amount of energy which comes from renewable energy. The EU also aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 80-95 % below 1990 levels by 2050,too.
It is the fact that alternative energy sources are