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This commercial has a funny and comedy sense all around it. Is making fun of a guy who act as a bird of prey and like the birds of prey does like eating food from the floor and messing around with people; all those birds do, this guys does it too. He is eating Doritos from the floor and messing with people to get the bag of Doritos they are eating. He is getting his hunger for Doritos to the extreme. I watched this commercial on Tuesday 16, 2012 at 11:10pm while I was watching Family Guy on Cartoon Network. By this information we can know or infer that the intended audience is teenagers to adults because a child of less than 10 years are not going to be at this time of the night watching Family Guy which is a show that have a lot of content that are hard to understand and that also make allussions to sexuality. Doritos is a food that can be eaten by everybody and doesn't have an specific gender. It's persuading people to buy it by a funny way, making people think that it's flavor is going to turn you crazy. This commercial doesn't need a higher level of education to understand it. It's just a funny commercial that promotes a product that can be bought by anyone because the most expensive pack of Doritos doesn't cost more than five or six dollars. In this commercial the dialogue isn't very important, and what it says had a small relevance to the commercial. It just makes fun of the human bird of prey. The guy says "every time he ates Doritos, he turns into a bird of prey..." That makes an invitation to people to eat Doritos because next time they eat it, they will turn crazy to eat Doritos again. What makes this commercial funny and interesting is the acting. It is the most important aspect of the commercial, because it is what makes it so funny. The commercial itself makes you think of Doritos every time you ate it, at least that is what happen to me all the time. The word choice those employees used is very understandable, it's not a very complicated language and it's easy for everyone to understand and remember. The principal metaphor is the guy acting as a bird of prey. It is the essence of the commercial and without it, the commercial wouldn't be as effective it is. In the commercial the voice is active, because when the workers refers to the "bird of prey" as the subject that makes an action toward an object, in this case the Doritos. The scene that I'm going to talk about goes from second :21 to :26. It is the most funniest part of the whole commercial and is when you can infer the extremes of the situation that the commercial tried to make people focus on it. In that moment is when the commercial exposed the