Pros And Cons Of Neutering Cats And Dogs

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We all love baby animals very much, but the truth is that there is so many cats and dogs all over America, who lack a home and a family. Sadly many of these animals are euthanized every day. Many of these animals will never know the joy of being loved buy an owner. Sadly a lot of these animals will only experience the devastating part of being a homeless stray.
In this paper I will be explaining the pros and cons of spaying and neutering cats and dogs. I will also be including my personal view on the subject. As well as describing in detail who can perform spaying or neutering, and how the procedure is done.
First off let me explain what the term spay or neuter is. Spaying is a different term of the surgical procedure known as an ovariohysterectomy. This is a surgical procedure performed by a licensed veterinarian. The point of this procedure is to take away the capability of female cats and dogs, to breed and reproduce. This is done by, removing their sexual organs. Such organs include the ovaries, fallopian tubes, and the uterus. 1 Neutering a male cat or dog is a simple surgical procedure of where a licensed veterinarian will remove the testicles. Thus, make it impossible for the male to impregnating estrus females. This also helps cut down on male’s cats risk for injury as well as transmission of diseases. This will eliminate the need to go out and find a mistress.1 Spaying and neutering are normally done in a veterinarian setting. First the animal must go through a physical exam to make sure the he or she is healthy enough to go under Anastasia. Once this has been determined the animal will be scheduled for surgery. The animal will then be administered the Anastasia, this is the medicine that put the patient to sleep while the vet is performing the procedure. Once the animal is in a deep sleep, where they will not feel the procedure and not remember it. 3
After the vet staff gets the animal to sleep. They will shave the abdomen in the female and then sanitize the area with multiple scrubs of antibacterial solution. When ready, the vet will begin by cutting a small incision on the female abdomen. In which the vet will being removing the ovaries, fallopian tubes, and uterus. When done with the removal, the vet will close up the incision site with stitches and the animal will then be taking off the Anastasia. Ready to be woken up and ready to start recovery.3 Male neutering is different in the fact that the veterinarian only has to remove the testiest. Like with the female, after the animal is approved by a vet that he is healthy enough to undergo Anastasia. He then gets shaved and sanitized. The vet will be ready to remove the male’s testcals one at a time. 4 Many veterinarians will recommend that you spay or neuter your animal first and for most to protect the health of the animal. Spaying alone can prevent harmful diseases know as breast, and uterus cancer, but can also protect a female dog from the disease known as Pyometra. As well as protecting the males from testicular cancer. 3
There are many pros and cons on this subject. The pros will be that spaying and neutering will help cut down on our overpopulation problem. Your pet will have a healthier longer life and will not be so prone to want to urinate on things marking its territory. This will calm a hipper pet down. 2
Some people will say that spaying and neutering will