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Jeryline Nunez

My three life lesson's

Today I watched a video about a man named Eric Thomas who is a public speaker , and it made me think about life …. my life , future, and education.
One of the quotes that really caught my attention was '' Knowledge is power " and it made me realize the without education you can't get no were in life and eventually you'll just give up on yourself. I learned a lot of things from Eric Thomas's videos and used them as my own guidelines throughout my life and took some of his advice and wrote them out as my three life lessons I apply to my life and too help me get through them.

I- Eric Thomas once stated ''Don't cry to give too keep going''
A- I can apply this to myself by just trying too do my best and being motivated. I tend to become really lazy when I'm in class so i usually slack off and don't even do my homework which is something that I never do so its something that I wanna change in my life. Eric Thomas really helped me realize life isn't a joke and to take it serious, and in order to get too where you wanna be in life you have to overcome the most hardest obstacles. I really wanna start making my parents proud of me and I hope this essay will help me. I really struggled in the beginning of the school year and failed every class so I wanna do good this School year and move on with my life and go to College. I wanna improve on my subjects that I'm hard at like math and english and I hope to make that difference by the end of the school year.
B- I promised myself, friends and family too stop fooling around during class and I've managed to come early on time so I won't miss my first period class. I also have to start thinking positive things about myself which Eric Thomas helped do. Another way I can relate too Eric Thomas's quote is too not let anybody get in the way of doing what you do best because they won't always be there for you when you struggle.
C- I hope this will change my views on things and make me work harder and too never give up even if your struggling and too motivate and push yourself harder and harder too keep going.

II- Eric Thomas once stated ''You will never gain independence without education''
A- I can relate to this because too me education is something you need in your life, in order too get through with in life and to be whatever you wish to become in life. I really wanna go to collage by the time I graduate High School but in order for that too happen I must do well in all my classes , pass my tests , have good class participation , do all my homework and hand it in on time and study in order too pass my tests.
B- Eric Thomas made me change my view on things and the key to success really is education and theres no time too be playing around. Also you can't even get a good job with a High School diploma so thats why you should take school serious and graduate on time and not end up being a Super Senior cause not only will you make your parents look bad but as well