Elderly Interview Essay

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Elderly Interview
Victor Josey
Everest University

Victor Josey
CJE 2580-1

Cognitive Technique:
Cognitive interviewing encourages the witness to do the talking while the interviewer listens. It attempts to avoid some of the mistakes commonly associated with police interviewing such as interrupting the narrative and rushing the account. Witnesses must feel comfortable in taking the time to think and reflect about what happened. They should feel free to say anything, knowing that there is sufficient time to speak and that the interviewer will not make judgments on the statements. Specific questions are for clarification. The interviewer holds back until the narrative is fully stated. It is common knowledge that cases are solved when someone talks about what happened! Cognitive interviewing is designed to get the interviewee talking. A major challenge is not to interrupt.( Gosselin, 2006, pg. 95-96)
By using this technique it help to listen to my grandmother speak about hear day. When I did listen to her I can understand what part of the day that good for her, can hear the excitement in her voice about how well she enjoyed visiting with people, being out of the house for a while. She really love the fact that she didn’t have to drive herself around, whoever was taking her place to place had patients to wait for while she walking shopping, and really like the fact that she didn’t had to come to cook for herself after she was done. I also learn that she really not happy about living alone, she would say company is good for me just too quiet for me here, just wish more people would come