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By Danny Vu

Eldest is the sequel of the book Eragon. After the war ended between the Urgals against humans and dwarfs, Eragon lost conscious. Eragon ended up having nightmares of all the people he killed and his past. Just when Eragon was about to sink further into his nightmares a strange light come into his mind. A voice came into his head and told him to head to the elf city of Ellesmera. Afterward, Eragon woke up and found that his friend Murtagh is missing. While Eragon went out to search for his friend he met a dead band of Urgals. They were all laying around the dead king of the Vaden. The next thing Eragon knew was that the Varden decided to go to an all out war on the Empire. Now during this time when Eragon was getting ready for war and thinking about the voice he heard in his dream his brother, Roran is still in Carvahall taking care of the villager's problems. The main problem was that the whole village defied one of the Empire's orders to give up on Roran and give him to the King because he was wanted. In the next few weeks Roran tried to protect his village from being destroyed. In the end, Roran decided that he must bring all the villagers to a safe haven within the Varden. In order to do that though they must all travel a very long trek across the land and hope to be alive till they reached the Varden. The journey for the villagers was very harsh. There were many times when monsters would come in and kidnap one of the villagers one by one. Midway through the trek the remaining villagers went to the city of Teirm. They had to steal one of the city's ships through troubled means and make the rest of the way to the Varden by sea. While on sea they were faced with many other problems. Sea monsters and giant whirlpools hindered them greatly. Also the Empire sent a hunter ship to hunt and sink the villager's ship. Eragon in the meantime is traveling to Ellesmera. The trip to the elf city had it's own problems. The elves guiding Eragon made him go through many tests to see if he is even worthy of seeing the Queen of Ellesmera. With the elves doubting Eragon in his skills, it was a very troubling journey for Eragon. Later on, Eragon reached the elf city of Ellesmera. In the elf city he was able to meet the Queen without any trouble. To celebrate Eragon and his dragon's arrival; the queen ordered a banquet to be made. During the banquet Eragon experienced a queer event. Two dragons showed up at the festival and shined a light upon Eragon. Next thing Eragon noticed was that his body features had changed along with his physical abilities. Later on, Eragon finally met the person who spoke in his dream while he was at the Varden. The owner of the voice was an old elf who was a dragon rider. The old elf knew what Eragon needed from him so he started to train Eragon in advanced magic. Over the next few weeks Eragon was able to strengthen his powers. Eragon's dragon was also in training except her mentor was the old elf's dragon. After weeks and weeks of studying magic Eragon had to return to the Varden. The Varden had all ready made the preparations to invade the Empire and they needed Eragon's help. When Eragon got to the battlefield where the Varden is seizing one of the Empire's cities; the whole battlefield was all ready bloody. The dwarf king was on the battlefield himself leading the humans and the dwarfs. When Eragon reached down to land he saw a ship coming down on a river not so far away. When Eragon went to intercept it and see what ship it was he realized it was his brother's ship with Carvanhall's villagers on it. Roran soon followed Eragon into battle. Together they faced many soldiers on the battlefield. Suddenly whenever the king of the dwarfs went out to lead the final charge there was a huge light. A red bolt of thunder came in and struck right on the middle of the king's chest. The king flew back and instantly died. There was chaos among the dwarfs.…