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Abbey M
Honors English 3rd Hour Research Paper over the 1930s 9 November 2013
! Eleanor Roosevelt!
! Eleanor Roosevelt is known for much more than being a First Lady. She accomplished many things inside and outside the White House, even after her husband died (Black “Anna Eleanor Roosevelt”). Eleanor said, according to pbs.org that “I took it for granted that men were superior creatures and knew more about politics than women did, and while I realized that if my husband was a suffragist I probably must be, too, I cannot claim to have been a feminist in those early days” (“Eleanor Roosevelt’s Life”).!
! Born Anna Eleanor Roosevelt on October 11th, 1884 in New York City, New York (“Eleanor Roosevelt Biography”). Her family was in a “privileged class” (“Eleanor Roosevelt”). Roosevelt was loved for her hard work even though she was a quiet and unsocial kid (Black, “Anna Eleanor Roosevelt”).!
! Roosevelt’s parents were very different. Her father, Elliott Roosevelt, was a wealthy gentleman (“Eleanor Roosevelt’s Life”). Her mom, Anna Rebecca Hall, known for her shoulders always being back and standing up straight, was a “popular debutante and prominent figure among the New York social elite.” (“Eleanor Roosevelt Biography”). Dying when Eleanor was only 8 years old, she was left with her mother’s divorced husband who then proceeded to die; leaving Eleanor with no family (“Eleanor Roosevelt Biography”).!
! At 5 feet 11 inches, Eleanor is one of the tallest First Ladies right next to Michelle Obama who is the same height. Roosevelt had bright blue eyes and dirty blonde hair all her life. Her religion — Episcopalian (“Eleanor Roosevelt Biography”). !
Abbey M
Honors English 3rd Hour Research Paper over the 1930s 9! November 2013
! Eleanor was the first child out of three. She had two brothers — Elliott and Gracie. Roosevelt is also said to have a half-brother whom her father raised for three years. He however was settled into another family soon after he was addresses by Eleanor’s uncle, Theodore Roosevelt (“Eleanor Roosevelt Biography”).!
! Before marriage Eleanor took up many jobs, including education and involvement in the Progressive Era. “Although Eleanor Roosevelt was not interested in leading the social life of a !
! debutante as her grandmother and other relatives expected, it was from the circle of !
! other elite class women that she met others like herself who were interested in