Eleanor Roosevelt Essay

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Eleanor Roosevelt
MG 346 Principles of Management & Leadership

Samantha McKenzie

Eleanor Roosevelt Anna Eleanor Roosevelt was born on October 11, 1884 in New York City. Both of her parents died before she was 10 years old. After their deaths, she was sent to England to study abroad, where she learned to become vocal and come out of her shell (Eleanor). She married her distant cousin Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1905, and later became his first lady of the United States of America. Eleanor had six children, and was a very active stay at home mother. Before his presidency, Eleanor became active in public service as well as serving in the American Red Cross (Eleanor). When her husband suffered a polio attack in 1921, Eleanor stepped forward to help her husband, Franklin, with his political career (Eleanor). He became elected president in 1933, where Eleanor would change the role of the first lady forever. Eleanor Roosevelt had a ton of drive. Drive refers to high levels of effort and is characterized by achievement, motivation, initiative, energy, and tenacity (Williams 293). Once Franklin was elected president Eleanor was not ok with staying in the background. She was involved in American politics. She gave press conferences and was involved in many key decisions in American history. Eleanor Roosevelt had a very strong desire to lead. A desire to lead means to be in charge and think about ways to influence or convince others about what should or should not be done (Williams 293). Eleanor Roosevelt actively spoke in favor of Human Rights, Children’s rights, and Women’s rights. She was criticized by many individuals who thought women were better seen and not heard (History.com). Eleanor Roosevelt also was honest with the country and showed a great amount of Integrity. These two qualities play a major role in leadership. When Eleanor became first lady she traveled across the United States, acting as her husband’s eyes and ears. She reported back to him after she visited government institutions, programs, and numerous other facilities (History.com). She was an early advocate for civil rights for African Americans, as well as a leader for women, American workers, the poor and young people. She also supported government-funded programs for artists and writers. Roosevelt encouraged her husband to appoint more women to higher federal positions, and she held hundreds of press conferences for female reporters at a time when women were typically banned from White House press conferences (History.com). Eleanor Roosevelt displayed self-confidence and emotional stability during her reign as first lady. She gained the confidence of nearly all the women in the United States when she stood up for women’s rights. She traveled the country for her husband who was handicap. She performed a partnership presidency alongside her husband and helped him make many of the major decisions concerning the United States. During World War II , Roosevelt advocated on behalf of European immigrants who wanted to come to the United States (History.com). She also promoted certain issues and concerns that were important to American troops. Roosevelt worked to boost soldiers’ morale, encouraged volunteerism in the American home front and championed women employed in the defense industry (History.com). She also pushed for the continuation of New Deal programs during the war, against the wishes of many of her husband’s advisors (Eleanor). Eleanor Roosevelt displayed cognitive ability as well as the knowledge of the business. This means that she was smart about what she was doing and had a deep understanding of the democratic and leadership positions (Williams 294). From 1946 to 1953, Roosevelt served as a U.S. delegate to the United Nations, where she oversaw the drafting and passage of the Universal Human Declaration of Rights (Histroy.com). Roosevelt advised