Elections and High Birth Rate Essay

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Emmanuel Rainey
3B-Unit 5
Chapter 9
The North: It’s important because the north had more people because of the high birth rate and increased immigration. The North had more establishment employees, and product value, the employees and low pay, long hour, and unsafe working conditions which was protected by local political parties the new cities were established by the Northwest Ordinance (1787), and it served as transfer points for agricultures. Many immigrants called Frisch, Germans Nativity, etc. came to the North because of the lack of crops, famine, and economic hardships.
The South: It’s important because even though tobacco, rice, and sugar cane were important cash crops. Cotton was the most important. As the years go by, the number of slaves increased, and lived in fear and their rights were limited. (1800-1860). White slavery was made up of aristocratic planters, farmers, poor, and mountain people; the population was relatively low. The south has thoughts of personal honor college education, and split beliefs in religion.
The West: Native Americans lived their lives on the plans with tribal groups and buffalo. This was a place for freedom for the native, African, European, and eventually asian-americans and the rocky mountains were far distant frontier.
Chapter 10
The Jacksonian democracy is important because during the age of Jackson, many mainly white males believe heavily oon equally and soon it would be applied to men and women, the number of notes casted for president increased drastically in just 16 years. There were political changes which included universal male suffrage, party nominating conventions, popular election of the president, two…