Electoral College Is Unfair Essay

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Your votes don't matter but they could . the electoral college voting system has gotten in our way long enough . It's time to move over to the popular voting system . why, should we switch? We should switch because the electoral college system is unfair, wrong and a lie .

How is the electoral voting system unfair?
For starters small states hardly have any say in how our president should be . small places such as phoenix take up about .5 of the votes that really matter . Another reason is because a lot of people want it to be abolished but it hasn't been ..yet .
Richard Nixon ,Jimmy carter , Bob dole ,the U.S. chamber of commerce and, the AFL- CIO all want it gone and well as many others. Another reason its unfair is that it doesn't matter
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the electoral college system started with the founding fathers in the 1870’s . so the electoral college has been around for along time , its time for a change .
Its also wrong because of the “ winner takes all “ system . This means that they candidates don't focus on the small states and only the bigger states . Due to this the people in the smaller states don't really know who they're voting for because they know nothing about the candidate . To me the only good thing about the electoral voting system is that Obama won because of the electoral votes .
Did you know when you vote you're not actually voting ?

When you spend all that Time getting ready to vote , you don't actually get to vote .
Instead of voting for president we're voting for people who get to vote for us . each state has electors who vote for president , they're votes are the ones that matter .
The electors can vote for whoever they want , is we all vote for Hillary , they can vote for Donald and he will win which actually happened .
As if that wasn't bad enough there is also the disaster factor . In 1960 the government almost succeed in choosing electors that will only vote against john f. Kennedy just because he opposed slavery .
That could happen again if we let it