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All Cars Should Be Electric

All cars in the United States should be electric because they don’t cause air pollution, they reduce the need to produce oil, and there engines are quicker and quieter. All cars should be electric because it saves money. The reason it saves money is because you don’t need to buy gas and that is saving a ton of money. Buy using charging stations it will raise your electric bill, but it is still a lot cheaper than having to buy gas. It helps the economy because it can help the U.S. cut expenses on gas. And use it on something important. Electric cars don’t cause air pollution. There is no engine so there is no pollution. Since there is no engine there is no gas being transmitted in the air. It is good for suburban driving. Because trips are shorter so they will not run out of battery, and there are more opportunity’s to charge it. If we switched to electric cars we would see a 42 percent reduction in co2 emissions. Electric cars reduce the need to produce oil. If there are less gasoline cars than there will be less oil taken from the world cause we will not need it. It reduces the emissions of carbon dioxide, which is the primary culprit in global warming. Emissions in the United States, about 33 percent comes from transportation. By adding more batteries we could have a plug in hybrid that could go 500 miles. Plus the benefit of all electric power for short trips, which reduces the amount of gasoline, used.The benefit for all electric