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Should the death penalty be kept legal or become illegal? That’s the question that haunts several Americans every day. Some may argue the fact that there needs to be more executions due to the increased crime rates. Others may argue that the death penalty is unfair and kills too many innocent people. With so many disagreements going on today related to the death penalty, I think it’s finally time to come to a conclusion. The death penalty should remain legal since it provides a safe and adequate boundary for us Americans. The death penalty provides justice for those innocent, strengthens the value of human life, and doesn’t go against the Constitution, despite what some may say! So let’s end all this bickering and let’s keep the death penalty legal!
If you think about it, the death penalty provides the United States with a safe boundary. If you think we have a lot of crimes now, imagine how many we would have if it wasn’t for the death penalty! According
The death penalty provides justice for a safe surrounding and community. First of all, justice is served for those who committed a murder. It’s like karma; if you kill someone, you will be killed in return. I believe this is fair because you can’t change your past and go back to fix your mistakes. It gives justice to families of murdered victims, and it stops criminals from repeating their heinous crimes. Although some may say that it doesn’t provide justice because taking a life does not justify taking another life. I still say that the death penalty serves as a safe environment, keeping less criminals out there causing harm to innocent people.
In addition to providing justice, the death penalty makes