Essay about Electricity and Candy Cane Lab

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You can learn a lot from chemistry. As you have said your self, it applies to everything, chemistry is literally the basis of all science. I myself loved applying that rule in the labs. Although the labs were somewhat time consuming I did enjoy them. They taught me how to analyze instructions and have patience, which is something I tend to struggle with. The Candy Cane lab, was probably one of my favorites, there was a lot we had to do. We had to use math skills, find out what the common names for the ingredients was, and have the candy melt at the right heating point. It help apply the skill for cooking in everyday life. We had to break down the instructions and follow them accordingly, as we would for anytime we cook. I found it to be the most fun for me to do because I love to cook. Another lab I liked which was not necessarily a lab I think, was the electrocution of the pickle. It taught me of electric currents and how the salt helps conduct the electricity. Which I believe to be important so we can understand the severity of why we should not touch active electrical things. It was also very funny to see the reaction from everyone and to have a nice discussion about the burning prickle. All in all chemistry is probably one of the most important contribution to science. It's makes the world go round and gives us a better understanding of the world. Even though my examples may seem a little simplistic but it it still chemistry. But for next semester in