Electricity Benefits Humans Essay

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How interesting is Electricity?

Electricity is simply the flow of electrons from one point to another. It’s a form of energy that is very convenient when it comes to homes and industries. How electricity works is done at a power station and use heat to create steam, which then transform to turbine, and the turbine turns into a generator. The generator itself will then put out voltage to different grounds. Electricity is interesting because it’s very convenient and helpful, it causes static electricity in carpets, and lastly, electricity can be made from wind, water, the sun, and even animal poop. Convenient and helpful, electricity benefits humans in various ways. It illuminates a room with the flick of a switch. It can heat food in a matter of seconds and powers a box of entertainment. Electricity is part of everyday life without really knowing it. It’s fascinating to think that without electricity, the world we call today won’t ever be the same because the entire world runs on power. Sometimes, however, electricity can be found in weird places, like a carpet. This type of electricity is called static electricity. Static electricity is when electrons build up on an object that goes nowhere until it comes in contact with something conductive. A perfect example of this type of electricity is rubbing socks against the carpet that simply builds up electrons. The energy stored is then conducted when a metal is touched like a doorknob; electrons are picked up from the carpet and then discharged on to the doorknob. Electricity can be made different types of factors such as the wind, water, the sun, and even animal poop. Windmills are a prime example of generating electricity using wind by connecting it to the armature of an electric