Electricity: Incandescent Light Bulb and Electricity Essay examples

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Electricity has provided the United States and all around the world with it's many luxuries. Although in 600 B.C. the Ancient Greeks discovered static electricity, most give credit to Benjamin Franklin, in 1752, for making the discovery change our everyday lives (Atkinson). Electricity has advanced miraculously over time. It has led to almost every single thing we use today. During the Second Industrial Revolution, electricity replaced steam as the main power source. It affected transportation and communications. Electricity helped strengthen the economy for businesses. More consumer goods were being produced and sold. Electricity got applied to underground trams and railways making transportation easier (Swirk). Railways were good for travel and transporting goods. Electric and gas powered vehicles also replaced the use of horses for transportation. Electrical motors were used in underwater submarines too. During the Civil War, submarines were often used for more secretive attacks (Veit). The invention of electricity was a gate way to plenty of other inventions we have today. In it's early days, many other scientists started experimenting to expand on the concept of electricity. All of the great ideas have led to our modern day appliances and electronics. These things made our lives much easier today and in the past. Some of the most important inventions were the refrigerator, the incandescent light bulb, the generator, the telephone, the compass, the radio, the