Electromagnetism and Magnetic Force Essay

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Electromagnetism- Magnetic Force

There are two aspects of magnetic Electrostatic Force, which builds up a charge in an object and can travel in the form of an electron stream Magnetic Force, which is responsible for the way magnets work
But even though their effects look very different to us they are in fact one in the same.
Electromagnetism acts on objects that have electric charge. This charge creates a field around an object, but a magnetic field is a little different from an electrostatic field.
For starters, unlike a charged particle, which can either be positive or negative, a magnetic has both a positive and negative area, what we most commonly refer to as the North and South Poles.
Magnets always have both poles, no matter how many tiny pieces you can cut them into, but magnetic poles interact very much like single pole charged particles. The same poles repel each other and the opposites attract.
Just like electrostatic force, because they are the same force, magnetic force is carried between objects by photons.
To demonstrate that electrostatic and magnetic are in fact the affects of the same force; you can create magnetism in electricity.
A simple electromagnet is just a coil of wire, which when a current is passed through it, it generates a magnetic field.
I made one myself, passing an electric current through a wire with a nail or a screw in my case.
Switch the current on (placing the two ends of the wire on the top and bottom of the battery) and the screw becomes a magnet. Switch it off and the magnetism disappears.
Magnets on your fridge are made basically the same way, only with a lot more electrical power, using special materials to retain the magnetism.
And hey! You know what else is an electromagnet, you’re living on one, the constant churning of the molt and Iron, in the Earth’s outer core creates