Electron Microscope And Light Microscope Essay

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1. Electron microscope and light microscope
2. Fine adjustment and coarse adjustment
3. Prokaryote- Genetic material free floating in nucleoid, no nucleus, no membrane bound organelles.
Eukaryote- DNA found in nucleus, membrane bound organelles
4. Eukaryotic
5. Nucleus: regulates cell activity
Mitochondria: sites of cellular respiration
Chloroplast: site of photosynthesis
Ribosome: make proteins by joining amino acids
6. Epithelial: protection
Muscle: contraction and movement
Connective: hold together and support body structures
Nervous: carry messages throughout the body as electrical impulses
7. Dermal: protection
Ground: storage and support
Vascular: Transportation and support
Meristematic: Growth
8. Monocot: one seed leaf, multiples of 3 floral petals, pollen: one furrow, parallel veins
Dicots: two seed leaf, multiples of four or five petals, pollen: three furrows, netlike veins
9. Carbohydrates:
Nucleic acids:
10. Monomers are simple and smaller molecules that are linked together into long chains known as polymers.
11. Both diffusion and osmosis deal with movement down the concentration gradient. Osmosis is the movement of water molecules while diffusion is the movement of particles.
12. Down the concentration gradiet
13. Passive transport requires no ATP while active transport requires ATP.
14. Down the concentration gradient
15. Hypertonic:
16. Enzyme:
17. Lowering the activation energy needed for the reaction.
18. F
19. Aerobic actually uses oxygen whereas anaerobic respiration occurs without the use of