Essay on Electronic Commerce

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Analyze the role of EC in the modern business and social environments. Identify three international barriers to EC and evaluate their roles in the success of EC. This assignment tests your analytical and critical thinking skills and your ability to synthesize concepts around topics. The paper should be in APA format, 2-3 pages (not including reference page), with at least two references.
With the introduction of internet, Ecommerce has taken its supreme position in Today’s industry.
Ecommerce essentially means trading products and services by using computer through internet. It has three important factors- Technology, Law Policy and finally Business
Ecommerce was introduced in 1970s and, from then, its use has been exponential
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Major advantage has always been customer satisfaction and retention - and considerable decrease in time in total transaction - right from ordering to shipping of the product.

International Barriers of Ecommerce:
These can be some of the barriers to International Ecommerce
1. Security- As the entire transaction takes place online, and some sites are well constructed and some have their security certificates and https :// links, but still in this communication age, there are hackers who still attack some of the transactions and take advantage of sensitive information related to purchase. This online security issue cannot be reduced unless the buyers and the sellers are equally educated on their free presence on internet and its effects
2. Language- International trade occurs between different countries which can be similar or very different from each other. Language is certainly a barrier as the trade occurs only when the buyers and sellers together dictate the price of the product and are satisfied with the transaction, sometimes the webpages of the business site cannot be written in the same language which the customer understands.
In those circumstances, the sellers’ webpage can be made effective by including some software tools for translation by detecting the locale of the customer, or the site itself could provide different language versions of the same website.
3. Lack of Trust- This is the ultimate problem of