Electronic Commerce Related To The Development Of The Kudler Fine Foods

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This paper is describing the possible electronic commerce aspects related to the development of the Kudler Fine Foods. Kudler Fine foods mission is to offer their patrons with a premium selection of foods, wines in a top scale patron environment. Their three locations in Del Mar, La Jolla, and Encinitas provide 16,000 square feet of pure shopping delight. They are creating a faithful high-end patron base by bringing patron’s fresh foods from their Bakery, Produce, and Meat and Seafood departments. They also do specialty condiments, dairy products, along packaged foods.
Kudler Fine Foods wants to implementation a Frequent Shopper and on-line shopping programs to help Kudler gather data on their patrons wants and needs. Kudler can then use this data to track shopping trends and market to those trends. The rewards for this program e.g. points which can be redeemed for high end gift items, airline first-class upgrades, or other specialty foods. (Unknown, 2007)
Kudler Fine Foods does not want any patrons to feel they are deprived of getting lower prices for items purchased in the store. This is why Kudler Fine Foods wants to implament an on-line shopping program. This gives patrons the ability to shop from home and pick up their order at the store or have it delivered. Kathy Kudler founder of Kudler Fine Foods noticed how people reacted when other stores like Safeway and Albertsons changed online shopping carts. Patrons that had shopped there for years felt betrayed by the system (Zelda Gordon 2004).
Kudler plans to increase patron devotion by adding high-end foods, and classes at the store on how to prepare those foods. The store is expected to see an increase in the purchase rate of high margin food and beverage items. They are also hoping to get the consumer to make an evening at Kudler Fine Foods part of their social network.
Using information collected from the cooking parties, and shopper program they can better understand patrons purchasing patterns, providing more efficient operations. To install the programs and hardware needed the price estimates for the first years’ Frequent-Shopper program can be as much as 25 thousand dollars with maximum annual maintenance costs of two to three thousand dollars. A POS system using the frequent shopper database containing all items sold at the store along with shopper's prior purchases, likes and dislikes will need to be implemented. The POS main server will be in La Jolla California and will be behind the Cisco Firewall for Internet security. The sales department will have in-depth training on this system along with data analysis. Data analysis, will inform sales of purchase behavior patterns of their patron.

Database will consists of:

Table Description The Patron Table This table contains demographic information on every one of Kudler's patrons with a FSP card. This data contains names and address of patrons; this information is used for special mailings and order processing for birth dates and anniversaries. The Inventory Table This table is used to determine the inventory and manage ingredients that go into prepared items sold at the Deli or bakery. The Item Table This table stores information and descriptions of goods that appear on shelves or merchandise that can be prepared by the Store. The Order Table This table is used to record information relatable to orders received at each store location. Each order will have one or multiple entries in the Order Line associated with each item. The Order Line table This table contains information on items appearing on an order. One or more Order Lines are linked with each order and references the merchandise being purchased with a description, quantity, and price.
The Store Table This table holds each stores name, number, address, and phone numbers.
The Supplier Table This table holds information containing to vendors, wholesalers, and other merchants from