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Hi Tab! Sorry to send this e-mail so late….I thought this e-mail can be due before Sunday until my classmates told me that the deadline is today.
Anyway, the story of my life is kind of boring. I was born in Shenzhen and live in here since the first day of my life. My mum and dad are all polices, so I’m kind of born in a police family. I went to Shenzhen Senior high school, which is actually a junior school, and met lots of great people, but there were still lots of people who are too selfish and boring, I wanted to go to a high school with different style. In fact, I think my English is really bad, so it’s really surprise and unbelievable for me to study in SCIE. And I find myself fall in love with this school with its lovely classmates and teachers. They are all really kind……just like angel.
My mum and dad are always work very late, since they are polices. So my entertainment tools are computer and television. I think my future would probably go to an UK university. I have no idea about how specific the university is since I think my target is not that high. I want to go to UK because I love English style of building. And the most important reason is that I love pop music, but my favorite genre is EDM, which is the Electronic Dance Music. I think people in UK really love electronic music and I would like to feel this fantastic music culture. And I want to go to Japan for postgraduate. I love Japan people and culture! Maybe I will stay in Japan for some years, but who