PEP Individual Goals Worksheet

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PEP Individual Goals Worksheet | Week 1 - Plan | Week 4 – Evaluate & Revise | Week 7 – Final Evaluation | Professional Life | Goal 1:To management time properly Goal 2: To be a team player Steps to achieve: To make a weekly planner of all my schedules and establish a good working relationship with my co-worker, listen and learn. | Goal 1 Progress: I am in the process of achieving so many task at work because I manage my time properlyGoal 2 Progress: I have started listening and working with my co-workers as a teamRevised steps: I am in the process of achieving my ultimate goal as a team player and keeping to my time. | Goal 1 Progress: I was able to complete all my task at work and that improve on my productivity at work because of time management.Goal 2 Progress: I am a team player at my work because I work closely, and coordinate well with my coworker. | Educational Life | Goal 1: Getting B’s in all my exams with the first seven weeksGoal 2: I will visit Center for academic success once very week for tutoring on academic areas I have difficulty understandingSteps to achieve: I will set up a study time table for all my courses and spend a lot of time studying. I will also join a study group for discussions. I will also schedule an appointment with Center for success every week to get help from course materials I have difficulty understanding. | Goal 1 Progress: I was not able to meet my goal on my fundamental examsGoal 2 Progress: I have been able to visit the CAS for tutoring once a week for the past three weeksRevised steps: I will now join a study group to learn from them and increase study hours to eight hour from my previous six hours | Goal 1 Progress: I did not meet my goal of getting B’s in all my courses. Goal 2 Progress: I was able to meet my goal in visiting CAS once every week | Personal Life | Goal 1: Have 500 dollars in my saving account within seven weeks Goal 2: Loss about twenty pounds in seven weeksSteps to achieve: I will ask my bank to deduct 75 dollars from my weekly pay check into my saving account and start exercise 45