Essay about Electronic Journal Entry 14 One Stupid Tweet

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The internet population is quickly changing and evolving as more and more of the world begins to use it. Freedom of speech and anonymity have always been important issues and have been the main issues in court cases. These issues are becoming increasingly important as more people discover the internet and find the need to become anonymous online. Some believe that they should be able to state their feelings without hiding behind a computer. The other people feel as though being anonymous is necessary for the protection of freedom of expression. Technology has allowed us to become anonymous on social websites. Justine Sacco, a woman who was traveling to Africa tweeted out,
“Going to Africa. Hope I don’t get AIDS. Just kidding. I’m white!” This tweet changed her life. She got fired from her jobs, became a worldwide trend on twitter, and has not been able to live a normal life since. Since when do people feel it is ok to share racist feelings on a social media site? As much as i disagree with what she said and what she did, i do believe there was another way she could have shared her feelings. I think that if she was smarter, she could have become anonymous, or be on fake account.
She could have kept her job and her life. But i also think that she must have been so stupid to share her feelings on twitter. The 21st century had become a place where anyone is able to say anything about others even if it is harmful. I think that the internet is evolving everyday and it is become