Essay about Electronic Prescribing System: A Suggestion to Provide a Holistic Care to Patients

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Firstly, regarding Susan case, the report has identified an actual error in the consultant’s letter to the GP (the letter states ACE regimen while the outpatient chemotherapy prescription details CAV regimen). To resolve the problem, one good point has been raised regarding the implementation of universal record and its benefits in allowing GPs and pharmacist to prevent interactions. However, the report should include suggestions on how such universal record system can be implemented such as employing an electronic prescribing system and better communication between primary and secondary sectors to provide holistic care to patients. Even though the monitoring section has mentioned inter-professional communication, this point should be strengthened in this part of the report through building up on the idea of having a universal record system; since such system would aids communication between primary and secondary care and ultimately, enhance patient safety.
In previous section on prescribing errors, the report has identified that chemotherapy regimens are forever changing and suggested that protocol needs to be attached to prescriptions to prevent potential errors upon dispensing. However, the system section has not mentioned on how to ensure such protocol is appropriate and local processes that are in place to approve a treatment protocol. Such information can be found on the National Cancer Research Network (The Chemotherapy and Pharmacy Advisory Service) or the BOPA website. Furthermore, the section could be improved through incorporating general guidance and alerts on general safety issues regarding chemotherapy regimens; for instance, the NPSA alerts and themed review. Such guidance and alerts are evidence-based and thus, they can be feed into clinical governance process to improve quality of chemotherapy services and enhance patient safety. This point can be further generalised through incorporating into the report recommendations of good practice such as the BOPA standards of verification and how pharmacists can make safer clinical checking of chemotherapy prescriptions.
Another point that has not been included in the report is how health system addresses problems relating to safety of patients receiving chemotherapy. The report should expand on how system could be improved to monitor side-effects post-chemotherapy as this would enhance patient’s experience with treatment and concordance. In addition, since the administration section has raised concerns on competency of staff involving in chemotherapy service, the report should consider exploring this point further, for instance, many healthcare organisations are…