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EFFECTS OF VIDEO GAMES ON COLLEGE STUDENTS creating sites for video games to be played. “College students have been found going into the computer lab in between classes to get a round in on a video game sight to relieve the stress of classes”(Player). Another source for video games is cell phones. Cell phones where designed for just making calls and texting. But with the advancement in today’s society even cell phones have e thousands of apps and, and game boys. With these students have the ability to play video games outside of the house while they are walking to their classes. The world just a tad bit quicker from the experience from playing the first hand shooter games. Although it is true video games have some benefits for students in college, they also have some negative effects on people as well. While some students use the opportunity to play video games as a break from studying, some play the game and disregard studying in general. Video games have the tendency of getting very addicting. Some students told a surveyor that they spend over 14 hours a week playing nothing but video games. There comes a point where playing too much video games can get in the way of college students classes. Take this scenario, a student is about to finish a level that he has been working on for a long time but that student is about to be late for class. A student with a video games. Throughout a surveyed showed that girls as well…