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Iron is quite an abundant element in the universe. The sun and stars contain iron in quantity. The Earth's core is said to be made up of iron, with about 10% occluded hydrogen. Iron is the fourth most abundant element in the Earth's crust. Iron is also found in minerals such as taconite and magnetite, which is commonly seen as black sands along beaches. Iron was used to India to construct the Pillar of Delhi. Iron is not always magnetic.” The ferromagnetic iron is in a allotrope. When the people change it into b allotrope, the magnetism becomes inactive.” (About, 2013) I am also not magnetic. People are not drawn to me when they see me. Iron is needed for live.” Iron is also an essential element for all forms of life. The average human contains about 4 grammas, a lot of which circulates as hemoglobin in the blood, the job of which is to carry oxygen from our lungs to where it is needed.” (RSC, 2011) I am also essential. People need me to help them vent and give advice. Iron can be brittle.” Pig iron is brittle, hard, and fairly fusible and is used to produce other iron alloys, including steel.” (Wikipedia, 2013) I can also be brittle and hard. When keeping a strong face on after a while I either want to cry or punch something.
Iron, is peaceful, subtle, and is usually outspoken, and is usually taken for granted just like I am. I try to keep pace and stay in the game, and I don't back down when the going gets rough. Iron and I both are essential and similar in more ways than one. We both are needed to help others through difficult and strenuous times, but we also help to bring joy to others. Iron, just like me, is not magnetic. People are not drawn to me when they see me at a store or park. Being brittle and hard all at once can make people freak out sometimes especially my mom but it’s a weird way to deal with things.

When people ask who or what I have most in common with, I would have said an animal or not even answered at all. If someone