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Ever wondered what kind of techniques artist need to use to write their songs? There are seven elements artist use in their music which are melody, harmony, timbre, dynamics, form, tempo, and rhythm. I will also teach and describe the three textures of music which are monophonic, homophonic, and polyphonic. To teach the elements of music I choose the song "Remember The Name" by Fort Minor.

Melody is when a series of notes come together to form a whole. The melody of this song is at the beginning of the song at 0:06 seconds. This is the melody because its the part that is most remembered. Harmony is what supports the melody. It is when two different pitches are played. This happens 0:54 seconds into the song. It is when the first singer is about to stop and the second singer will start. Rhythm is a regular pattern of movement and sound. The rhythm of the song changes at 0:57 seconds in the song, the rhythm gets faster after its changes and slows back down at 1:40 into the song again. Rhythm just makes the flow of the song better. Tempo is the speed of the music. A couple types of tempo are allegro, which is fast, largo, which is slow. 2:39 is one of the slowest parts of the song which Fort Minor uses largo, and the most allegro part of this song is at 0:56 seconds. Tempo really is just the pace of the song. Timbre is what distinguishes a sound from another. For example Fort Minors voice is more scratchy and deeper throughout the song than Taylor Swift’s voice would be if she sung this song. You can tell that Fort Minor is singing because of the timbre. Dynamics is how loud or soft the music is. There are six types of dynamics,