Elementary School and Dance Choreographer Essay

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A Dream That Rules In Elementary School, they asked us what we wanted to be when we grew up. Our responses were something like a firefighter, a policeman, or the president. In Middle School, they asked us that same question. Our more educated answers were a pediatrician, a lawyer, or an architect. Since I am in the 8th grade now, I’m getting this question from adults A LOT more now. In my mind, I scroll down a list of jobs I am interested in, but the one that catches my interest the most is becoming a dance choreographer. Unlike some teenage girls, I am not lured into peer pressure. As much as boys talk about sex to young ladies these days, I follow the right path, which is not giving in. But unfortunately, too many girls are choosing the other route. This brings me to teenage sex. Personally, I don’t believe in having sex at this age. My life goal is to become a dance choreographer for the top notch stars and celebrities and my goal won’t be accomplished if I get lured into things like this. That’s why I am my own person; a leader and NOT a follower. Another issue young ladies are facing is body image. See, some girls have long hair and a big derriere, like me, so some boys see that as a target. Others just think they don’t look good enough, so they try and become noticed. They wear low cut shirts and shorts almost showing their behind. My mom always told me not to try to impress anyone by what you have and that is what I believe. When the time comes for me to go